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The Buyers are Back

You can say what you want about the economy and we can all speculate as to the positive and negative effects it will have on consumer spending and merchant processing accounts, but one thing is for sure- the number of active buyers of merchant portfolios and residuals is rising again.  There are a significant amount of buyers who are in the marketplace because they feel that they can finally obtain value.  There are also buyers who have entered the scene because their funding sources that were on the sidelines for the past few months have now given the green light for funding future acquisitions subject to tightened underwriting standards.  The availability of portfolios and residuals for sale has also increased significantly.  We’ve seen the shift from 12-24 months ago when there was not much of an inventory of ISO’s or portfolios for sale and, for all intents and purposes, it was a sellers’ market.  More recently, there appeared to be more available deals than potential buyers in the market.  The supply and demand now appears to be closer to an equilibrium point as there appears to be significant numbers of both buyers and sellers in the portfolio acquisition market. Read more...

Selling First Data, TSYS and Global Portfolios

With a 33% minimum increase in the capital gains tax effective January 1, 2011, now is the time to consider selling your ISO or portfolio.

Now IS the time to sell your First Data, TSYS or Global ISO or merchant portfolio.

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How Sellers Blow Deals

It’s a bit counterintuitive, but from a professional intermediary’s perspective, one of the most common and greatest hazards to successfully selling a portfolio (or ISO) are the sellers themselves.  Here are a few suggestions for sellers to help prevent their opportunity from looking like a giant “DANGER, LIVE MILITARY EXERCISES UNDERWAY” posting to a would-be buyer. And trust me when I tell you that the analogy is appropriate.  I’ve seen more deals “blow up” on account of the seller’s approach and demeanor than I care to recall. Read more...