Strategic Advisory in Payments & Payments Technology

Our enterprise valuation product is designed to provide investors with an accurate read on fair market value for payments and payments technology platforms. Leveraging over a decade of successful M&A transactions in the payments industry, we take into account the current marketplaceā€™s view of acceptable performance thresholds for various attributes of a payments enterprise.

Enterprise Valuation

For processors, ISO's and agent offices, our enterprise valuation methodology is unique in that it consists of a two part analysis: a deep dive into the merchant processing portfolio property, and a more traditional overview of the financial performance of the ongoing business concern. This two part methodology provides clients with insight into what is often a counterintuitive reality of these types of payments platforms: that the merchant processing portfolio asset may have a greater market value than the enterprise itself. Thus, our enterprise valuation product substantially reduces the risk to clients by thoroughly examining every aspect of the combined property, portfolio, and platform to provide the best acquisition or sales strategy, whether that involves the entire platform or only the portfolio asset.