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Micro Deals: Small Residual Transactions


In the present financial environment where we witness wild daily swings in the Dow Jones, one area of portfolio and residual sales is particularly active- “micro deals”.  Residual transactions involving net monthly processing revenue between $1k and $20k are numerous.  There are plenty of sellers, and contrary to what many people would like you to believe, plenty of buyers. Read more...

The Residual Buying Game


One of the most interesting areas and perhaps one of the most profitable within the merchant processing industry is the purchasing of residual streams.  For anyone outside of the industry looking in, it is hard to fathom that agents and ISOs can sell their revenue streams.  In most industries, you can’t decide one day that you want to monetize your future cash flows and effectively sell them in a secondary marketplace to a buyer who is going to pay you a lump sum today.  Other than folks who sell their future lottery payments or insurance settlement payments, it is practically unheard of. Thus the merchant processing business offers yet another unique opportunity for savvy buyers and investors to profit. Read more...