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Payments Processing 101 for ISVs, VARs, & MSPs

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Business Solutions Magazine sponsored conference for ISVs, VARs, and MSPs. Though not an owner/operator of the aforementioned business types, I do have a keen interest in the “goings on” of these businesses. I am a consultant and strategic advisor to payments and payments technology companies, and have been on a self-imposed mission to better understand the ISV, VAR, and MSP points of view on payments. Collectively, these business types have become the new darlings of the payments processing industry in its insatiable thirst to sustain growth (and arguably viability) through the value added products, services, and distribution, which ISVs, VARs, and MSPs bring to bear. Read more...

How Integrated POS and Infrastructure Technologies Lift Merchant Acquirer Valuations: Connecting the Dots

Full version of article originally published in The Green Sheet, 6.27.2016 Edition. Written by Adam T. Hark Theory has met reality in the merchant acquiring world. It’s no longer just an idea that there’s a ubiquitous convergence of technology and payments processing underway — it’s a fact. Before a merchant acquirer surrenders to this reality, however, and starts investigating which technologies may be worthwhile embracing, whether through acquisition, partnership, or development, it surely makes sense that an acquirer’s first inquiry should be, “what do these new technologies actually do for my platform?” The answer to this question, together with understanding the added value contribution, will pull back the curtain on how these technologies work to lift merchant acquirer valuations. Read more...