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ISO Marketing

“Bankcard ISO For Sale”-What Am I Really Buying?

In one of my meetings at a recent payments industry event I heard the one pronouncement that gets all the attendees frothing at the bit: “merchant processing ISO for sale”. Nothing gets the serial acquirers and investors in the bankcard industry more excited than those words. Buyers inquiring about ISO’s for sale represent > 50% of the inquiries our firm responds to on a monthly basis. Though there’s been much talk in the past few years about the commoditization of payments processing, ISO’s (quality ISO’s that is) are still very much in demand in today’s marketplace by both industry and non-industry acquirers alike. Read more...

Maximizing on Affiliate Program Earning Potential

Article by Guest Blogger Meghan Faye Wolff 

Whether you’re a business owner or a member of an affiliate program, marketing your brand is vital to your success. However, as a reselling partner, it may not be in your budget to pay for advertising. Even if you consider yourself as “just an affiliate,” your parent company appreciates your efforts more than you know—and I bet they even encourage you to maximize on the earning potential. Read more...