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I’ve Secured Growth Capital for My Payments Company – How Do I Optimize Investment Monies to Maximize Value?

Merchant acquirers have always caught the attention of investors looking to put capital to work. Recurring, predictable revenue will capture the eye of any sharp investor, and for well over a decade now, investor interest has in no uncertain terms taken root in the

merchant processing space. Consequentially, this has presented a rather steady flow of opportunities for ISO owners, third party processors, agent offices, and merchant level salespersons (“MLSs”). In fact, any level of acquirer who has built a quality merchant portfolio, and owns a piece, if not all, of the residual stream of the same, has the ability to (generally) avail themselves of outside investor capital. This readily available supply and access to capital provides acquirers very real opportunities to grow their businesses, “grease the skids” for long-term value creation, and leverage themselves nicely for further investment or outright exit. Read more...

Payments Processing 101 for ISVs, VARs, & MSPs

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Business Solutions Magazine sponsored conference for ISVs, VARs, and MSPs. Though not an owner/operator of the aforementioned business types, I do have a keen interest in the “goings on” of these businesses. I am a consultant and strategic advisor to payments and payments technology companies, and have been on a self-imposed mission to better understand the ISV, VAR, and MSP points of view on payments. Collectively, these business types have become the new darlings of the payments processing industry in its insatiable thirst to sustain growth (and arguably viability) through the value added products, services, and distribution, which ISVs, VARs, and MSPs bring to bear. Read more...