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Placing High Risk Merchant Accounts

Are you a high risk merchant or an ISO looking to place a high risk merchant account with a merchant processing solution? There’s been a dramatic change in the high risk processing landscape recently. We can help you find the high risk merchant processing solution that is right for you.

Selling Your Merchant Portfolio: Seeking Maximum Valuation

The bankcard industry is rife with legends of merchant portfolios sold at outlandish premiums. However, like most legends, the reality is much different that the industry gossip would have you believe. The majority of portfolio transactions do not sell at a premium. However, there are certain merchant portfolios that trade at much higher multiples than others, and in many cases, the difference in valuation can be substantial. Read more...

Maximizing on Affiliate Program Earning Potential

Article by Guest Blogger Meghan Faye Wolff 

Whether you’re a business owner or a member of an affiliate program, marketing your brand is vital to your success. However, as a reselling partner, it may not be in your budget to pay for advertising. Even if you consider yourself as “just an affiliate,” your parent company appreciates your efforts more than you know—and I bet they even encourage you to maximize on the earning potential. Read more...